A TikTok video has raised eyebrows by suggesting that Taylor Swift organized a unique dining experience.

The video hints that Swift may have paid for everyone's meal at a restaurant to enjoy a private date with NFL star Travis Kelce.

In the video, a woman claims to have received a call from a friend sharing Swift's unusual dining plan.

According to the woman, Swift footed the bill while they were dining and asked all patrons to leave.

Social media has reacted with a mix of amazement and skepticism over Swift's reported actions.

Taylor Swift's Bold Move

Swift and Kelce were previously spotted together at a Kansas City Chiefs game, where Swift cheered for Kelce.

 They were seen leaving the stadium together and later dining  Some users jokingly refer to Kelce as receiving "the princess treatment."

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 The authenticity of the story is being questioned by some social media users.  The TikTok video has generated significant buzz and intrigue online.