Taylor Swift insists she is "perfectly fine" after fans spotted the singer performing with an open wound at her performance in Houston, Texas on Sunday night.

"PS for those asking how I cut my hand I'm fine and it was totally my fault," the 33-year-old "Anti-Hero" singer tweeted Monday along with photos of her on stage.

Ready to comfort her fans, Swift, who has been on the Eras tour for a month, explained that

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she tripped over the hem of her dress and "fell into the darkness backstage" while changing, and she fall with her "hand" caught.

While it's unclear which hem of the dress is the culprit, one of the three photos Swift posted in the post shows a long white dress that's less easy to navigate when changing clothes in the dark.

“Everything was mostly encoded in Mercury retrograde. Don't worry about me, I'm fine 😘," she joked, alluding to an astrological clue that widely predicted all sorts of bad luck.

Swift didn't even look too scared. The cut in a video that went viral on TikTok,  which saw the singer give it her all on stage despite her attempts to heal the wound in different ways had,"

she wrote on the edge of the bed while Taylor Swift  [sic] performs a 3-hour show with half her arm.

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