Sydney Sweeney gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the turbulent times leading up to the Met Gala.

In a series of photos shared to her Instagram profile on Tuesday, the 'Euphoria' star showed up in a sheer corset and lingerie as she prepared for a night out with the stars.

Sweeney was smiling broadly, posing in skimpy lingerie, fully bearing her ample breasts.

Sydney Sweeney shares steamy snaps

After making sure everything looked right, the actress slipped into a fitted, embellished Miu Miu dress that showed off her famous curves.

In one fell swoop, Sweeney posed with her glamorous crew - all in tailored "Team Syd" suits - before putting on the finishing touches and walking out.

Although she completed the look with lots of diamond rings, it didn't look like an engagement ring from friend Jonathan Davino. (Sweeney hasn't been spotted in the giant boulder since October 2022.)

Her stunning looks certainly caught the attention of "Anyone But You" co-star Glen Powell, who she's been romantically involved with for a few weeks.

Fans began speculating that the couple's on-screen romance had crossed over into real life after they started posting flirtatious photos of each other,

despite the fact that she was engaged and he was dating model Gigi Paris.

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