Suki Waterhouse revealed she had a "bout of celibacy" for six months before her relationship with Robert Pattinson.

She described this period as a time of clarity and self-discovery, where she got comfortable with being alone.

Suki Waterhouse Embraces Clarity 

Suki shared that she had experienced ghosting and breakups with red flags in past relationships.

Suki Waterhouse Embraces Clarity

Understanding and comfort in a partner are essential for her, especially given her busy work schedule.

She believes that the home should be a sanctuary, free from external pressures. Suki and Robert Pattinson have been living together for six months.

Suki recently hired professional help to organize her cluttered living space. Robert is accepting of the mess and finds it charming.

 Suki considers herself lucky to have a partner who embraces her quirks.

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Their relationship is extra special to her after her period of self-discovery.

Suki Waterhouse Embraces Clarity