Rich Paul, sports agent known for dating Adele, doesn't believe Travis Kelce needs dating advice regarding his rumored romance with Taylor Swift, as they both hail from the same hometown.

On Fox Sports' First Things First talk show, Paul playfully mentioned that being from Cleveland, like Kelce, means they already know how to handle the spotlight.

He even joked that Kelce could read his memoir, "Lucky Me," if he ever needed advice.

Rich Paul on Travis Kelce's Rumored Romance with Taylor Swift

Both Paul and Kelce come from Cleveland suburbs, and since the dating rumors with Taylor Swift emerged, Kelce has embraced the media attention.

Despite the spotlight, Kelce and his team have maintained their focus, winning their last four games with Taylor Swift cheering them on from the crowd.

Kelce acknowledged the attention but stated he has always been good at compartmentalizing and staying focused.