Joshua Jackson, an actor who has been married for more than three years, thinks that cheating on your partner should not end a relationship.

He said that it can be forgiven if both people are adults and willing to work on repairing the relationship.

Jackson also said that affairs are not just about sex, but a deeper violation of trust.

Married Joshua Jackson makes shocking confession 

Before marrying Jodie Turner-Smith in 2019, Jackson dated actress Diane Kruger for ten years.

Joshua Jackson

They broke up in 2016, and there was speculation that Jackson didn't want to get married or have kids.

However, he changed his mind partly because of his age and finding someone he felt was the right person at the right time.

Jackson has acted in two projects about cheating: "The Affair" and "Fatal Attraction." He and Turner-Smith met in 2018

and initially said their relationship was "casual." They now have a 3-year-old daughter together.

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