Madison Beer has opened up about the nude video leak she recorded when she was just 15.

Madison Beer Addressed the Leak

The 24-year-old musician shared two intimate videos online, which she sent to her then-partner, causing her to suffer from "real and conceivable PTSD".

He explained the "traumatic" situation in a recent interview.

Madison Beer Addressed the Leak of Intimate Content 

During an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Madison stated that she was "very worried and very scared."

"I felt so insecure and just scared," she recalls."There were as many layers of  onion skins as I felt, and ... no one said it was bad."

She said two videos were sent to her by friends who trusted her to get online. It was echoed when one was shared on Twitter.

"I was just watching this and I remember falling on the floor and thinking, 'Oh my God, what should I do? "-

she says."I contacted the person who made this post and asked them to remove it and they just blocked me, they blocked me right away."

Madison continued, "I think  some people who might weren't there, or men, 

Madison Beer Addressed the Leak of Intimate Content

don't understand how traumatic something like this can be, especially for minors."

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