Lauren Jauregui took to Twitter to infuriate Elon Musk while she and other celebs double-checked the app.

The 26-year-old Fifth Harmony graduate is one of many celebrities, including Kevin McHale and Paxton Oswalt, who have noticed instantly recognizable blue tags returning to their Twitter accounts.

These were previously removed after Elon ruled that users had to pay a monthly fee for verification. A few celebrities chose to pay, but the vast majority lost their checks.

Upon her return, Lauren revealed exactly how she felt about the change. He referred to his clear initial reaction to the big change on Twitter.

Lauren took to Twitter on Saturday, April 22 to react to the sudden change in policy.     "Wait a minute, do you really think

I would have paid for this???📷📷📷 thanks for returning my blue check  but I guarantee

Lauren Jauregui Blasts 'Clown' Elon Musk

I haven't paid unless Elon took over my account too," she wrote. Elon  said he paid to tag a few celebs on the Twitter check, ostensibly to troll them

He kept calling the cashier a lie because clicking on his check opens a popup suggesting he paid. This is embarrassing," she wrote.

Lauren had previously told Elon that she definitely wouldn't pay and that he could "fuck it." She responded to that tweet by saying she stayed true to her original feelings.

what a clown. .and a strange marketing tactic. This is so wrong and weeeeeirrrddddd?! Are you lying to these people and for what? ", was continued.

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