The Kylie Cosmetics mogul, 25, covered the spring/summer 2023 issue of HommeGirls, posing in a series of looks that show off her famous curves and gets deep about beauty.

However, one comment she made about her own face set fans off. “I think a big misconception about me is that I’ve had

Kylie Jenner

so much surgery on my face and that I was some insecure person, and I really wasn’t!” she told the magazine.

 I was the girl performing for everyone. I had my one lip insecurity thing, so I got lip filler, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

 Critics on social media were not buying her claim that she hasn’t had surgery on her face. “we have eyes but ok” one person tweeted.

 I don’t get the point of lying about things people can see with their own eyes. no one cares girl,” another said.

 Others pointed out her specific choice of wording — “‘So much’ means different things to different people so okay,” a fan tweeted —

 while another chalked it up to semantics. They wrote, “That’s what happens when ppl don’t know the difference between plastic surgery

and cosmetic enhancements, Kylie. You’ve had a lot of cosmetic enhancements done.”

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