It appears that "Beat Shazam" has found  new co-hosts to replace Jamie and Corinne Foxx while the former remains hospitalized. On Wednesday,

Kelly Osbourne shared a video on Instagram in which she can be seen in the  DJ booth on set - a role usually filled by Corinne -

while a bandmate can be heard in the background making up the studio crowd prompts to welcome Nick Cannon.

The Osbournes graduate also shared a photo of a binder titled "Day 1 Information Pack," which appeared to contain a schedule summary of the Fox TV show.

representatives from "Beat Shazam" did not immediately respond to Page Six's requests for comment on whether Osbourne, 38, and Cannon, 42, are the new official guests.

TMZ previously reported that 'Beat Shazam season 6  was scheduled to begin filming on Wednesday after

she was forced to film without her stars while Jamie, 55, is still recovering from a mysterious 'medical complication.' who had suffered in April.

"Fortunately, with quick action and great care, he is on the mend," shared the then 29-year-old Corinne on Instagram.

“We know how much he is loved and we appreciate your prayers. The family requests privacy at this time."

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