Actress Julia Fox's memoir, "Down the Drain," reveals her brief and disturbing relationship with Kanye West in early 2022.

The relationship, lasting less than two months, was characterized by control and is described as a "sick, twisted game" by Fox.

The memoir details how Fox initially met West, referred to only as "the artist," after a friend passed along her number.

West dominated the conversations, and Fox mostly listened during their interactions.

Julia Fox's Memoir Reveals Disturbing

West invited Fox to spend New Year's Eve in Miami, and their first face-to-face meeting took place at a club.

Their initial encounter involved West holding Fox tightly and sharing a passionate kiss in a parking lot.

The couple attended a party on Star Island, where Fox was told to stop dancing by one of West's friends.

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The memoir recounts a dinner at Carbone in Miami, where West asked Fox to be his girlfriend and discussed taking their relationship public.

Julia Fox's Memoir 

A photographer took candid photos of the couple during this dinner. West also discussed hiring stylists for Fox and agreed to hire her friends, Tammy and Liana.