Jimmy Kimmel said “It’s activity to booty a lot of about-face mortgage ads” for Fox News to pay the $787 actor adjustment in the aspersion case filed by Dominion Voting Systems.

Kimmel couldn’t get over a Fox News account insisting that the adjustment “reflects Fox’s connected charge to the accomplished journalistic standards.”

“They’re already lying in their account about lying,” he said. “It’s shameless!”

Jimmy Kimmel Busts 'Shameless' Fox News

Kimmel additionally alleged Dominion for settling, which agency Fox can go appropriately aback at it.

“The liars who advisedly addled their oatmeal-brained admirers and actively damaged our capitalism don’t accept to say annihilation about it at all ― no apologies, no testimony,” he lamented.

 “They can go appropriate aback to sodomizing the country while Dominion and their attorneys go arcade for yachts.”

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