NBA player Jimmy Butler debuted an emo-inspired hairstyle during a Miami Heat press day on Oct. 2.

Jimmy Butler's Emo Hair Transformation

His hairstyle resembled that of Fall Out Boy guitarist Pete Wentz, featuring flat-ironed, eye-grazing locks.

Jimmy added a rockstar touch with chipped black nail polish and multiple piercings, including lip, nose, and eyebrow piercings.

 When asked about his hair transformation, Jimmy described it as a form of self-expression. He expressed his emotional state and affinity for the emo style during the press event.

Jimmy also shared his passion for music and revealed he's working on writing and producing country music.

 He expressed his goal of releasing an album in the future but mentioned it's a work in progress.  Despite his busy basketball career, Jimmy is determined to share his music with the world.

 He mentioned that some songs might be part of future albums.  Jimmy is excited to bring his musical projects to the people when the time is right.

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