Ameson William#039; The second season with the Detroit Lions has been suspended. J

Jameson Williams' agency gambling suspension

The 2022 first-round pick was one of four Lions players suspended by the NFL on Friday for violating league rules.

Chief Safety Judge Moore and outfielder Quintez Cephus were suspended indefinitely for betting on NFL games during the 2022 season

and then released by the Lions. Washington Commander's defenseman Shaka Toney has also been suspended indefinitely for betting on NFL games.

Meanwhile, Williams and fellow Lions  Stanley Berryhill were suspended for just six games. Williams # 039;

Alliance Sports explained why their client was suspended for six games and how Williams...the situation was different than Moore, Cephus; and Toney.

"Alliance Sports confirms that its client Jameson Williams has been suspended from the NFL for six games for violating the NFL Rules of the Game," Alliance Sports said in a statement.

"Jameson accepts full responsibility for his actions and offers a heartfelt apology to the NFL, his teammates, fans, and the city of Detroit.

However, it should be noted that Jameson's breach did not relate to football betting, but to the technical regulations of the actual venue where the online bet was placed -

which would otherwise have been allowed off-site by the NFL. Jameson would never intentionally compromise the integrity of the game

he loves so much and looks forward to returning to his team as soon as possible."

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