Warner Bros. premiered the film Tuesday at CinemaCon to theater owners, exhibitors, and journalists attending its annual trade show and industry conference.

reviews are locked until a later date - the film isn't quite finished, according to the studio - but moviegoers were able to post their reactions on social media once the credits rolled.

Indiewire's Brian Welk wrote that it "went very well," noting that there were more than a few whoops and gasps in the crowded theater.

Film critic Jordan Hoffman tweeted that it was "a lot crazier than I expected. I really got what it's like to read a 5 part crossover comic.

Lots of Ezra Miller madness and time paradoxes. Nerds are going to lose their minds eventually."

First reactions to ‘The Flash

Greg Ellwood of The Playlist wrote that it was "really good" and  Miller was "amazing," while Scott Mantz went  further

and called it "one of the  best DC movies, one perfect combination of” explained Action, Herz &; Humor."

Fandango's Erik Davis tweeted that it was "amazing" and "undoubtedly one of the best superhero movies of all time."An all-timer.

Inventive storytelling, FANTASTIC action sequences, great cast. SO MANY nerdy details.”

First reactions to ‘The Flash

Jason Guerrasio, of Business Insider, had a more tempered reaction, writing that it is “def not the best superhero movie ever made …

but it’s an impressive DC movie with lots of emotion and loads of surprises.”

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