Beckett Rex was among the finalists on American Idol, but viewers can't see her talent as the singer is eliminated from the competition.

Rex, whose famous father is English actor Malcolm McDowell, took to social media to announce that he has quit the ABC reality contest despite being in the top 26 of  the top 26.

 I won't say why I decided not to continue  but I'll just say  it was my choice," read a statement shared by Rex  on his Instagram Stories.

Beckett is not with this season  American Idol performed, possibly because the producers pulled him from the episodes after making the decision to leave the show.

Host Ryan Seacrest announced the shortlist of 26 finalists and announced Paige Anne's return  to the competition.

"Recently, one of the top 26 made the decision to retire from the competition, so we reached out to the  first assistant judges and delivered him a life-changing message,"

Beckett's unexpected departure comes after Sara Beth Love also gave up the competition to return home with her family.

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It also happened after Kaya Stewart left the show after falling ill and unable to perform with her duet partner.

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The show has produced many successful artists over the years, including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Adam Lambert.

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