On April 17th, NBC aired the sixth episode of season 2 of That's My Jam, which featured a thrilling singing competition between two teams

he contestants had to overcome various challenges in different rounds. One such challenge involved singing a song while impersonating someone else.

Singer Adam Lambert was in for a surprise when he was asked to sing "The Muffin Man" while impersonating Cher.

As "The Muffin Man" is a children's rhyme, singing it while impersonating a big star like Cher was always going to be challenging.

However, Adam rose to the occasion and delivered an outstanding performance that left the audience mesmerized.

He sang the song just like Cher's hit "Believe" and incorporated many dramatic pauses, high tones, and even repeated the major lines.

Adam did not hold back and even made unique gestures like Cher, which quickly impressed the audience. 

His competitors also enjoyed his performance, and host Jimmy Fallon was so impressed that he bowed down in front of Adam.

In conclusion, the 6th ep. of That's My Jam season 2 was exciting where Adam Lambert's performance was a highlight of the show.

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